Cost Benefit Analysis Template for Excel Free Download

Cost Benefit Analysis Template for Excel Free Download

cost benefit analysis chart

The template can be used to track and analyze various metrics, such as market share, customer satisfaction, and price. The template can also be used to assess a company’s competitive position in the market. The template can also be customized to track specific costs, such as advertising or production costs.

cost benefit analysis chart

A cost-benefit analysis can help you determine where to efficiently spend your money for the best potential returns on your investment. This template runs in Excel, and you can use and modify to suit your specific needs. For example, you may want what is a cost benefit analysis to add more fields if you have many costs to be considered. You can also have a separate worksheet per alternative, then create another worksheet to summarize all the results which makes it easier to compare between the different alternatives.


For high-impact business decisions related to your OKRs and KPIs. We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information. Yes, our templates can be edited and changed as you need. We will try to provide different mediums but if none of them work for you then we will refund your amount. All our products are ONE TIME PAYMENT. We do not offer subscriptions so whatever you pay will be be one time. A wide range of templates that are editable & customizable.

To use the template, first you need to select those options or projects that show the greatest potential. Selecting the most promising and profitable project could also be made using one of the two numerical scoring methods used by the project selection template. Our Cost-Benefit Analysis Template supports these features by ensuring your project starts and stays on track. Other templates support better-informed decision-making, so let’s explore a few additional options that you can utilize to determine project health and viability.

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With Service Cloud, connect your implementation and service teams with supporting teams in Asana to deliver amazing customer experiences. If you’re building something, you’ll need our free production schedule template. It lets you manage the supply and demand of the commodities you’ll require to make your widget. The template gives you the tools to balance costs and boost efficiencies. The template gives decision-makers at an organization the information they need to make well-measured choices. Projects can be expensive ventures and one doesn’t go into them lightly.

How do you analyze cost-benefit?

  1. Establish a Framework for Your Analysis.
  2. Identify Your Costs and Benefits.
  3. Assign a Dollar Amount or Value to Each Cost and Benefit.
  4. Tally the Total Value of Benefits and Costs and Compare. is not a law firm and cannot provide legal advice. While we make every attempt to provided detailed, comprehensive information, you are responsible for reviewing, checking and confirming the information provided is suitable for your use. This is not complicated software requiring an ongoing subscription or annual fee.

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If the costs outweigh the benefits, see if there may be any alternatives to the proposal that your team hasn’t yet explored and considered. Also, look into identifying cost reductions that will allow you to reach your goals in a more affordable manner while still being effective, HBS Online suggests. A cost benefit analysis allows you to weigh the potential costs of a decision without having to actually incur those costs.

How to create a cost benefit analysis template

Lucidchart can help you bring everybody together at the same time regardless of physical location. All documents are stored in and can be accessed from the cloud, meaning that all participants can work on the same document at the same time from any location in the world. In spending money now to fund your project, you will lose potential income from interest if you were to invest the money instead. Estimate the amount of time it will take to realize the benefits of your investment. The templates are in Microsoft Word/Excel (.doc & .xls) and can be downloaded online for only $7.99. An Idea Funnel Backlog enables you to visualize your backlog and restrict the number of backlogged items at the top.

cost benefit analysis chart

A gap analysis template expands the focus from just the financial aspects of your organization to include improving your business structure, filling skill gaps, or fine-tuning internal processes. You might notice that some of your costs and benefits are non-monetary. When this is the case, do your best to assign a dollar amount. For example, higher customer satisfaction is linked to higher sales. Knowing this, try to project how much you think sales will increase over a period of time if you’re able to boost customer satisfaction with your new project. Digital cost benefit analysis templates are a useful framework to see if a new project or idea is viable.

Having stumbled across an unexpected opportunity to take over a competitor’s business, the company needs to decide if an acquisition would be wise in terms of timing and budget. They sit down with their department heads and accounting team to flesh out a cost benefit analysis, then decide to bring in a financial analyst as well. Now you can use your finished diagram to analyze and compare outcomes, and determine whether predicted benefits outweigh costs, or vice versa.

cost benefit analysis chart

It helps your team decide whether the benefits outweigh the costs. If you have no choice but to incur costs, the analysis can provide an estimate for the time it will take to repay those costs. You can use a CBA to compare completed or potential processes, or to estimate the value against the risks of decisions, projects, or processes. Your team can use this powerful, efficient tool in commercial transactions, business decisions, and project investments.

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