‘What can you bring to the company?’ Tricky graduate interview question

‘What can you bring to the company?’ Tricky graduate interview question

From the employers perspective, when paying a high salary for a highly skilled role, the hiring manager needs to ensure they recruit the right person. Often a single interview gives an indication of a persons suitability but doesn’t always highlights the individuals temperament, skills, knowledge, work-ethic, and values. If you’re unsure of what the job should pay, check out what the average pay is using Blue Arrow’s Salary Checker on our website. When talking about money, describe the salary range that the job is worth.

Good preparation and a few simple techniques can help you shine, even if you’re naturally shy. The key is to be open, honest and natural with your answer. Talk about the reason behind your career break, what you did with the time and what you learned during it. The most important thing is to show that you made careful decisions and planned ahead, so they trust you won’t suddenly decide to swan off to Thailand for six months on a whim.

Mentoring Job Interview Question: Tell me about a safe-guarding issue you have had to deal with?

The best answer to give is to share an example of teamwork in action. When sharing a teamwork example it is important to explain the problem the team were facing before the candidates shares what actions they took to help the team achieves its goal. Many retail company’s will create a team culture through teambuilding activities, team meetings and highlighting team achievements.

  • You should be honest when answering questions on your weaknesses.
  • For consulting jobs, prepare for case study interviews by working through examples on the websites of the major firms.
  • Don’t be negative about the employer you’re interviewing for, such as pointing out lots of their flaws.
  • A genuine passion for the role may be what stands you apart from other candidates with similar experience and expertise.
  • The key to receiving a high-scoring interview answer is to state the steps taken and the outcome from the stated actions.

“What I really enjoyed about the course was how it improved my knowledge in . As an example, I know have a level of understanding about that would be of great use when (describe relevant work-based scenario). The informal job interview is designed to get to know the applicant.

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Retail supervisors and managers attend a more structured job interview where they are asked leadership questions. The asking of questions shows an employer that the candidate is interested, passionate about the role. It’s the last chance to make a first impression, and it’s the first impression that creates an emotional reaction – I like or dislike this applicant. In addition, employers spend time and money to support and develop entry level employees. The pay off, for the employer, is that they get to train the new employee to work in a way that suits the culture of the organization.

Check out these ‘are you applying for other jobs’ best answers. We have broken down this interview question and provided examples based on whether you are interviewing for jobs in other industries, interviewing for competitors, or not interviewing anywhere else at all. To decide how best to answer it, it’s important to reflect on why this common interview question is actually being asked. We have constructed best example answers to help you with your interview preparation.

Interview Tips

Ideally, give an example of completing the customer complaint task. Staff support often improves staff retention, and the interview answer should always reference this key point. As an organisation that is willing take train up suitable applicants the hiring manager does need to first check suitability. It also good to reference help desk engineer any relevant customer service, retail or supervisory qualifications. Each summary comes with an explanation of the interview question and an example interview answer. By being the person who collects the instructions, reads them out, and ask the group for ideas and suggestion, the recruitment team will already have noticed you.

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I like that everyone helps and supports each other to achieve a common goal. When I was researching the organization I read how you are I think this is a great idea as more people are . At the bottom line, the interviewers want to get to know the potential employee.

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