Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Accounting: Tips & Best Practices

Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Accounting: Tips & Best Practices

real estate bookkeeping tips

The bookkeeping record will help analyze the situation for any tax liabilities. Doing timely tax reviews will help catching issues before the year end with enough time to address any problem that may arise. Make the rental property pet-friendly and collect a monthly pet rent. Stessa, is specifically designed to help both novice and sophisticated investors make informed decisions about their rental property.

real estate bookkeeping tips

Real estate investment statistics become a reality, providing the position of your rental property and safely and swiftly connecting your bank accounts. Accountants and bookkeepers are equally important in this industry. In addition, we must know the importance of bookkeeping and a chart of accounts for real estate agents. The real estate chart of accounts will be different from other businesses because of the different nature of the business and distinct accounts.

What is real-estate bookkeeping?

But those transactions, receipts and financial reports can reveal a lot about your real estate investment’s financial well-being. Based on those numbers, you can make crucial decisions for maximizing profits or minimizing losses. Keeping track of real-estate investments/businesses’ financial health helps you be profitable, receive tax benefits, and make sound financial decisions in difficult times. First, let’s make a distinction between bookkeeping and accounting.

What are best practices in bookkeeping?

  • Keep Personal and Business Accounts Separate.
  • Automate with Cloud Based Accounting Software.
  • Create An Easy To Follow Record Keeping System.
  • Set Reminders for Important Deadlines.
  • Build an Audit Trail.
  • Know Your Business Expenses.
  • Create Regular Reports.
  • Track Cash Payments.

Real estate bookkeeping is a practice where a person enters financial data on a company. The bookkeeper will enter data into a financial program to keep tabs on what the business is doing and how it makes and spends its money. This will improve your credit rating and help you when you want to buy more rental properties or negotiate a loan or mortgage. Managing real estate is a local and regional game, meaning that rules and requirements vary based on where you live and work. One of the best pieces of advice for better real estate accounting is to familiarize yourself with local regulations specific to your jurisdiction when you get started.

Tips for Getting Started with Real Estate Accounting

Learn the basic business accounting terms and what they mean, here. Plenty of bookkeeping and accounting firms would be more than happy to take on your real estate business’ finances. One way to track your expenses is to use a personal finance software program like Mint or Quicken. Either way, make sure you track all of your income and expenses to see where your money is going each month.

First, it’s important to understand the value that great bookkeeping brings to a landlord. Not only will great bookkeeping help you analyze your portfolio’s performance over time, but it will also help you substantiate tax positions that you are claiming on your tax returns. A yearly visit, or preferably, visits at least twice a year, are highly recommended.

Best Banks for Small Businesses & Real Estate Investors

Real estate industry has the support of some experts who work in it. Other than those already mentioned, the most frequent examples are those of accountants, attorneys, design professionals, remodelers, general contractors, consultants, and artisans. Thus, it’s worthwhile to devote the time to create one that fulfills your specific needs.

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You can ask us at ShoreAgents for help with your real estate bookkeeping work. Our team at ShoreAgents will be available to assist you with all the outstanding bookkeeping plans you might hold. We’ll work on everything from checking on your income sources to review your expenses.

Since they are usually smaller entrepreneurs, they have to be vigilant about how they keep their bookkeeping. This post talks about real estate bookkeeping tips to help you stay organized and be productive. Follow along and take action today to get organized with your bookkeeping. We will be walking you through general bookkeeping advice before diving into four top tips for real estate accounting.

  • Note that despite tracking pricey marketing budgets and large sales, the chart of accounts that you need to effectively manage your real estate business is quite simple.
  • We’re breaking down five real estate accounting best practices for commercial real estate investors.
  • An agile real estate bookkeeping system also enables the entry of transaction-specific information, making it simple to comprehend the purpose of each transaction.
  • Additional real estate bookkeeping tips involve keeping support paperwork for the business organized.

And finally, it will allow you to maximize your end of year tax deductions while making your accounts completely audit proof. Sure, you can go the DIY route and handle all your own bookkeeping. But hiring a professional accountant—especially one who is familiar with the laws related to the vacation rental industry and related expenses—will save you time and money. However, you’ll still need to keep good records of your expenses to make the best use of their time. You need to hire a bookkeeping professional who can assist you with yourreal estate accounting plans. Bookkeeping will help keep your finances in check while taking note of all the financial transactions that go through your business.


While an automated real estate accounting system may never completely replace your accountant, it can help to reduce outside expenses paid to a bookkeeper or CPA. Ben Sutton is the founder of Mazuma USA, an accounting firm providing tax, bookkeeping and payroll services to small businesses. Since founding Mazuma, Ben has established himself as an expert in the small business world. Ben is a Certified Public Accountant, and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

It’s wise to create a separate business account so you can keep track of every transaction. You can then connect to your personal account or transfer funds between accounts on a pre-scheduled real estate bookkeeping basis. A strong accounting foundation is relevant whether you sell small properties as a hobby or facilitate property management services and generate millions of dollars.

How can I improve my bookkeeping?

  1. Separate business and personal finances.
  2. Automate whatever you can.
  3. Ask a pro.
  4. Perform regular financial checkups.
  5. Do a quarterly review.
  6. Keep records of business expenses.
  7. Monitor your employees' hours with time tracking software.
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