Liquidity Solution for Digital Asset Trading Platforms & Brokerage Business by Soft-FX

Liquidity Solution for Digital Asset Trading Platforms & Brokerage Business by Soft-FX

This solution effectively leverages trapped surplus cash to optimise earnings from balances in non-regulated jurisdictions. Certain banks only offer preferential rates on credit balances; others can provide preferential rates for both credit and debit balances. Is an American solution provider that offers their Intraday Liquidity Monitor solution, which provides you with simple intraday, up-to-date views of liquidity across the enterprise. The solution also captures internal or external transactions to calculate global intraday positions and present actual and projected balances by any account or currency. Omikron provides convenient liquidity cash pooling functionalities for different currencies connected to banks and other systems.

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Remove the need to hold pre-funded capital positions with multiple liquidity venues. Research shows consumers have an unmet need for a fast, automated solution for small, short-term loans. Provide your accountholders with a balanced set of options that help them meet their immediate needs, setting you apart from typical one-size-fits-all offerings. Launch a trading platform and improve the liquidity of an existing one by diversifying and adjusting the liquidity flows as required by your business. Money Market Deposit Account – MMDA accounts are subject to Regulation D. Compensation on these accounts is paid monthly.

Finacle Core Banking Solution

We will work with you to determine the right investment approach to meet your liquidity management needs. Based on our assessments of credit quality, relative value and interest rate trends, we create investment solutions with a goal to maximize returns, while managing risk and adhering to our clients’ investment guidelines. At UBS Asset Management, our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their financial objectives and solve their investment challenges while integrating sustainability principles across our offerings.

liquidity solution

We experienced lightning speed with them and working with their team has been a great experience overall. We have been impressed throughout our collaboration by the quality of the Liquidity Group team & their technology. Let’s discuss your technological partner for liquidity management liquidity needs and how Ben can potentially meet them in a simple, rapid and cost-effective manner. Join the waitlist and get connected with a member of our team to learn whether Ripple Liquidity Hub is a fit for your organization.

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Our integrated cash processing solutions are entirely dedicated to the securities business and are supported by over 100 product and operational professionals. With our real-time cash management services, we can fully support your cash activities by managing trading and investment operations across multiple markets. The European Union’s Basel III capital adequacy regime will change how banks value liabilities, particularly for operating account balances and for institutional investors. Banks have reviewed Basel III’s impact on notional pooling and several continue to offer this product, subject to requisite client documentation and, of course, profitability.

  • J.P. Morgan is a global leader in financial services, offering solutions to the world’s most important corporations, governments and institutions in more than 100 countries.
  • Most companies look for liquidity management solutions to solve these issues because they help automate processes by consolidating all liquidity data from various sources.
  • Follow-the-sun sweeping, a cross-border technique to centralise cash on a global basis, involves moving funds from Asia to Europe, and thereafter to the US within a 24-hour cycle.
  • Baird’s liquidity services could give qualified investors much-needed financial flexibility, letting them access cash or credit without having to make changes to their portfolio.

LIQUIDiTY provides funding for late-stage companies with a wide range of business models. Our proprietary technology provides lightning fast due diligence and term sheets so they have the flexibility to act on opportunities without missing a beat. Liquidity Group offers 30% of your FRB deposits (up to $50M) in an immediate capital infusion to companies affected by FRB’s recent developments. Kyriba automates cash and fund level accounting, simplifying generation of journal entries while introducing structured audit and controls to the accounting process.

Enterprise Applications of Crypto Liquidity

Turn cash positions into answers, information and insight, so you can make informed decisions. Leverages cutting-edge technologies and innovative tools to bring clients industry-leading analysis and investment advice. Take only the solutions that you need and integrate them into your existing technology stack. Bank connectivitywith some vendors and maintain any changes made to existing file formats that are used to communicate between systems and banks. Easy integration with the bank’s existing eco system through simple interfaces. In the fintech space, Liquidity Group shines as a technologically advanced player.

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You want to avoid spending time training for months before using the solution. Most modern liquidity solutions are easy to use, but there are also systems like SAP that can be harder to get used to due to the complexity of the solution. Excellent user experience also helps speed up the onboarding process for new team members using the solution. Encourage transactions and increase wallet share by consolidating surplus and deficit balances at a pre-defined time through one or more concentration accounts. Automatically sweep balances from multiple accounts, in multiple currencies, and across multiple banks.

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In T2S it will be possible to use a dedicated cash account , with one central bank of choice, providing a single pool of liquidity for cash and collateral across all T2S markets. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to manage a central bank account in each market. Headquarters are in the United Kingdom, with several other offices worldwide. The functionalities in that platform vary from cash pooling and payables to receivables automation and virtual account management. Enable customers to lend and borrow cash between business units, joint ventures, and subsidiaries, without requiring credit loan arrangements, even on short notice. Offer in-house banking with loan lifecycle management and intercompany limit tracking, utilizing various intercompany loan types.

liquidity solution

Our specialists help you take a more strategic approach to cash flow management and investments to minimize risks and take advantage of new opportunities. As a global leader, we deliver strategic advice and solutions, including capital raising, risk management, and trade finance services to corporations, institutions and governments. Today, cloud-based solutions should be the norm for liquidity management.


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Balances in participating companies’ accounts are notionally offset for interest computation. Interest is calculated on the group’s net position, eliminating the physical movement or co-mingling of funds. Finacle Corporate Banking is a comprehensive solution suite built on an advanced architecture. The solution addresses the trade finance, lending, syndication, payments, origination, limits, collateral… With this solution, your bank can be enabled to acquire and service customers, through the internet, mobile phone or call center channels, without the need for brick and mortar infrastructure.

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